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Industrial Massage

Industrial Massage serves large corporations by increasing their employee productivity and morale through a unique pain management intervention.

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Industrial Massage Inc. is the state of the art provider of on-site, hands- on pain intervention programs tailored to your company’s needs.  

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  Over 150,00 interventions since 2005 with 85% of employees reporting a reduction in their pain, discomfort and task difficulties and an increase in productivity and morale. 

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Industrial Massage Therapists are recruited in your local demographic and trained in the specific and proprietary techniques of Deep Tissue Intervention.

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The Price of Stress

We ran across an article in Yahoo Finance this week that talked about how the recession and financial stress affects America’s health. Many workers have had their pay cut, health benefits cut and their workload increased. According to the article, Thirty-five percent of middle class Americans said they or someone in their household has experienced a physical symptom of stress related to the...